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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

All Hands AZ

Providing A Safe Space To Land



All Hands AZ is a collective of organizers and volunteers who are supporting the asylum seekers and migrants traveling from Central America. These people have been granted legal temporary asylum by Homeland Security and are being released to their families in order to pursue their asylum case in front of a judge. They are officially lawfully “documented” aliens and we are committed to helping them in their final steps toward their American Dream.


Our volunteers have helped by hosting thousands of people in their homes and we have several hundred volunteers who are welcoming, feeding, clothing, donating, transporting, and medically caring for these people, daily. We are fully supporting these asylum seekers for 12-48 hours as they wait for their families to purchase their airline or bus tickets, so that they can be reunited with their loved ones.  


We are always looking to build our volunteer efforts and we need as many compassionate, loving, and selfless people on our team as we can find. Whether it's translating, hosting a family, serving food, or transporting people in your car, we need what you can offer.  If you would like to join us, we would love to fit you into the process that best suits your talents and desires.


We have several ways for you get involved in the support efforts for the asylum seekers and migrants who are arriving from Central America.  Below, you will find the opportunities to get involved in our underground process.  Please click the links below to be directed to leaders of the different processes:


The Last Mile AZ

The Last Mile AZ helps connect individuals and families who have been accepted by USCIS into the U.S. as asylum seekers as they make their final travel arrangements to their sponsor homes across the country.

One Hundred Angels

Our mission is in coordinating medical assistance to the vulnerable population seeking asylum from Central America. Together with local organizations we are assisting about 100 people a day. Triaging and assessing for an emergency, we provide our guests with over the counter medication, vitamins and upon availability comfort toys for the little ones.

Arizona Jews For Justice

Arizona Jews for Justice is a pluralistic Jewish group that provides a forum for Jews in Arizona to collaborate to foster social justice in our state. Through activism and relationship, their goal is to garner momentum and energy to make an impact in our local community together. 

Please get involved. It is more needed than ever. We are eager to learn & act with you!  

  • Backpacks for the asylum seekers
  • Onsite and Bus Depot Volunteers
  • Family Hosting                                              
  • Translation services
  • Comfort toys
  • To donate to Arizona Jews for Justice please follow this link:  http://www.arizonajewsforjustice.org/donate.html

Interfaith Refugee/Asylum Volunteers

Interfaith Refugee/Asylum Volunteers is responsible for the food preparation, delivery and serving of the meals that are given to uo to 200 asylum seekers, per day.   If you like to prepare, serve, or purchase food, we’d love your help. We have  easy and affordable ideas to feed lots of people for very little money. You can email allhandsaznutrition@gmail.com

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation
  • Serving meals to our guests
  • Providing bags of food for our guests as they travel to their families




We are a volunteer lead and run organization and we don't earn any money from this process. Each person is here to aid those with the greatest need, at the moment. All of our donations and gifts come from the generosity of our community.  

We use your donations to purchase needed items like the following:

  • clothing
  • air travel
  • bus tickets
  • water
  • food  
  • paper goods

If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, we have monthly expenses that we could use help with in order to keep our operation open and running. 

Please click the image above to consider donating to our cause.  Every dollar is put to use immediately and allocated with the utmost care and respect.


We are committed to giving each of the asylum seekers that we help a new, clean outfit to complete the final leg of their journey. Most have been wearing the same clothes for weeks, and some even months, and we rely on the generous clothing  donations from the community to achieve this goal.  We are always in need of adult  SMALL and MEDIUM  clothing, and all sizes for kids.  Please remember that we have to be aware of seasonally appropriate clothing and that these people will be wearing the items on a plane or bus, so they must be practical, as well.  Any clothing that is not used is redonated to local charities in the community which support veterans, battered women, homeless youth, and a prom closet for children who need formal clothing for their dances at school.  

Please email us at allhandsazclothing@gmail.com or visit our Amazon registry by clicking the image above.


We have so many opportunities and different ways to volunteer and none of this would be possible if it weren't for the kindness and selflessness of those in our community.  If you would like to spend and hour with us, or even coordinate a donation drive at your school or place of business, we need your help. We are always building our volunteer efforts and are grateful for any time that you give us.  

All volunteers are required to submit a background check that we provide and pay for, or we can take a valid fingerprint card. We do this to ensure the safety of the asylum seekers, as well as the safety of the volunteers.  This is delicate and sensitive work and we have to ensure that we take care in protecting everyone involved.

Please click the image above to contact us  at allhandsaz@gmail.com to jump in and lend a hand.


Interested in helping from out of town? We are encouraging people to prepare Love Bags in  any sized ziplock bag.

*Using travel sizes or hotel sizes*
Travel toothbrush
Hand sanitizer
Wash cloth

*no chocolate*
Granola bar
Welches gummies
Bag of peanuts
Package of cookies
Package of crackers/chips
Beef jerky

Small coloring book
Small Puzzle
Action figure
Small rubber ball
Small games

Mail to:

4645 E Marilyn Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85032